Why You Should Ditch Your Flip Flops

Why You Should Ditch Your Flip Flops

Why You Should Ditch Your Flip Flops

With summer in full swing, many are thrilled to be pulling out their open-toed shoes and putting their boots away. While you may be eager to slip on some casual footwear more appropriate for the hot weather, think twice before you grab a pair of flip flops. Although flip flops are a footwear staple for many, especially chores like taking the trash to the curb or going to the mailbox, flip flops can wreak havoc on your feet. That’s because regular flat-soled flip flops don’t provide any foot support and are only marginally better than walking barefoot. In the long run, flip flops can cause significant harm, and most people rely on their flip flops more than they should.

Good footwear should offer arch, ankle, and heel support, as well as shock absorption and protection. Flip flops provide none of these things, which can result in blisters, strained tendons, plantar fasciitis, foot pain, and more. If worn in the wrong environments, your chance of being injured rises. Flip flops are notorious for worsening existing physical problems, too. Worn regularly, flip flops can affect the way you walk and stand. Running and jumping in flip flops can also lead to sprained ankles or ligament injuries.

Alternatives to Flip Flops

If you’re looking for a solution to the practicality and ease of sliding into a pair of flip flops, you can find other options that will better protect your feet. While sneakers and other closed-toe shoes that provide adequate support and comfort are better for your feet, they’re not always ideal in warm weather.

Sandals with the following features are a good choice to help protect your feet:
  • Straps around the foot and ankle
  • Full-coverage sandals
  • Materials like fabric or leather
  • Stiff soles
  • Some level of traction/grip
  • The right size to fit you
  • If you really prefer to wear flip flops look for a more anatomical sole with some support built in, and rotate out of them into other types of shoes when you can.
What if I Still Have Persistent Foot or Ankle Pain?

If you’ve ditched your flip flops but continue to experience lingering pain in your feet, toes, arches, heels, or ankles, you should seek expert advice from a medical specialist. Dr. Nataraj H M is a board-certified orthopedic doctor at Colombia Asia Hospital Sarjapur Road is here to listen to you and examine your symptoms. Through our evaluations, we may determine that you should modify your daily activity or footwear to alleviate your discomfort. Your doctor may also suggest physical therapy and/or orthotic devices, and if your condition is severe, other treatments like surgery may be discussed.

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