Recovery after Knee Replacement Surgery

Recovery after Knee Replacement Surgery

Legs are one of the most used part of the body. Thereby, healthy joints and bones are essential for an individual’s normal life functioning. However, as a person ages, the joints and the bones become weak and this leads to severe pain even while performing simple daily activities.

It is generally an age-related issue and can be overcome with a knee replacement surgery by our one of the Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Bangalore Dr. Nataraj H.M at the Columbia Asia Hospital . Knee replacement surgery takes about 1.5-2 hours. However, the entire recovery process takes about 4-6 months and for this to occur properly, it is important that the patient takes a few precautions and care as advised by the doctor.

Once the operation is done, the patient is advised an hospital stay for a day or two. The patient is usually advised to perambulate using an aid such as a walker or any other kind of orthapedic support. In cases where the patients require special care or need to be kept under observation, the hospital stay might extend.

Once discharged, the patient is advised to take special care and precautions. A week post-surgery, the patient is generally advised to take up physical therapy by a trained and qualified physical therapist. The physical therapists helps the patient to resume their daily commute by teaching them various strengthening excercises.

To begin with, the patients are taught how to use their orthapedic support and walk post-surgery. This is then followed by a variety of knee strengthening excercises which help strengthen the knees. These excercises help strengthen the bones and eventually lead to the patient walking unaided.

It takes about 6 weeks for the patient to resume daily activities. In about 3-6 weeks, the patient can even drive around in a vehicle and also perform other physical activites. About 4-6 months to an year is required for the complete healing post-surgery.