First Time in India Meniscal Repair Surgery by using Zimmer Biomet

First Time in India Meniscal Repair Surgery by using Zimmer Biomet

Across the globe Over 1 million times per year, Biomet helps one surgeon provide personalized care to one patient.

But First Time in India our Dr. Nataraj H M performed Meniscal Repair Surgery by using Zimmer Biomet mensical repair device.

Dr. Nataraj H M says science and art of medical care is to provide the right
solution for each individual patient. This requires clinical
mastery, a human connection between the surgeon and
the patient, and the right tools for each situation.

When one surgeon connects with one patient to provide
personalized care, the promise of medicine is fulfilled.

The Zimmer Biomet Meniscal Repair System is a suture only device that creates an instantaneous mattress stitch for a fast, strong, and reliable all-inside meniscal repair.

About Zimmer Biomet Meniscal Repair Device

MaxFire™ MarXmen™ Meniscal Repair Device with ZipLoop™ Technology

The next generation of all-inside, all-suture meniscal repair. Building upon the proven strength of the MaxFire Device, the MaxFire MarXmen Meniscal Repair Device incorporates an easy-to-use one-handed trigger delivery system.

The MaxFire MarXmen trigger delivery system requires the least amount of insertion force when compared to other all-inside meniscal repair devices. Using the rigid tube cannula helps protect the surrounding structures in the joint.
The cannula houses the needle sled when the device is inserted into the joint space, and is available in curved and straight geometries. The needle sled guides the deployment path of the MaxFire MarXmen device. Depth markings in 2mm increments control the depth of penetration through the meniscus.

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