Tips to make your post knee surgery experience better

Any kind of surgery can be very strainful for anyone. However, it is better than living with a striking pain even while performing basic daily activities. Knee replacement is a complex operation and the post-surgery healing process must not be underestimated.

Tips to make your post knee surgery experience better

Always keep in mind that the surgery is the first step in the process of making your knee fully-functional again. Here are a few tips to keep in mind post-surgery

  • (a) The patient must be mentally prepared
    It is very important that the patient must be mentally prepared to accept the changes prior to and post-surgery.
  • (b) Handling the pain
    The pain level is going to be high post-surgery. However, Painkillers help make it easy. Regular intake of tablets prescribed by the doctor will help make it easier for the patient to handle the pain.
  • (c) Sleeping well
    Good sleep helps reduce stress and makes the healing period lesser. However, sleeping with all that pain can cause distress. Here are a few things you can do to ensure you get good sleep:
    • Consume your painkillers before bedtime. The relief from pain will give you a comfortable sleep for a couple of hours.
    • A good head or body massage(lightly) will help take the stress off and sleep well.
    • Place a pillow or hot water bag below your knees for a good night’s sleep

  • (d) Physiotherapy
    A trained physiotherapist can show you simple exercises that will help you to slowly overcome the pain and get back to your normal daily activities.
  • (e) Scar care
    Post-surgery scars are obvious and eventually smoothed out. However, once the stitches are dissolved, it is advisable to use scar creams and oils and gently massage over the scar to fade.
  • (f) Digestive problems
    Heavy medication can cause constipation and other such problems. It is better to take precautions before this happens. Here are a few foods you can consume to avoid it:
    • Green vegetables
    • Broths and soups
    • Avoiding fried or oily items
    • Lentils and pulses
    • Avoiding non-vegetarian food at night

  • (g) PracticeR.I.C.E
    R.I.C.E is a simple abbreviation to remember while healing from any kind of replacement surgery.
    • Rest: Physical activity is important but so is taking rest
    • Ice: Use of ice can help reduce swelling and pain
    • Compress: Using of knee compressing equipment present in the market can help reduce pain and swelling
    • Elevate: Rest your knee well on an elevated position