Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

Having knee pain caused due to osteoarthritis, and your doctor suggested the traditional method of surgery, which involves cuts, swelling, excess blood loss etc.? Are you afraid to undergo surgery that does not promise to solve your knee problem entirely and may even put you at various other risks?

Don't worry.

Here is the solution to your problem. We bring you ROBOTIC SURGERY for knee replacement. So you can just relax and let this surgery do wonders for you. Contact Dr Nataraj H M, one of the Best Orthopedic Doctors, Knee & shoulder Specialists in Bangalore.

How does Robotic Surgery Work?

The surgeon uses handheld robotics to shape the surrounding bone before placing the knee implant. Proper navigation of each area is done to see even the remotest part of the knee. A 3D model of a patient's knee is generated. It helps in mapping out the exact incisions and the right angles. Every knee surgery replacement is unique, depending on the anatomy and the plant used. It removes only the damaged bone.

10 Benefits of Robot-Assisted Knee Replacement

Earlier, there were many apprehensions related to Robotic surgery. For example, the patients feared that the involvement of robotics in the surgery might harm them or that some fault could occur in the functioning of the robotic equipment. But such apprehensions proved wrong with Robotic surgery's success in knee replacement. There are various advantages of robotic knee surgery.

This procedure has revolutionised the knee replacement concept and turned off traditional surgery's mechanism. As a result, many patients who have undergone this knee replacement have benefitted and have bounced back to live the life they wanted.

Putting the benefits of Robotic surgery in words won't do justice to the technology involved and its revolutionary role. But then, here we summarise the benefits of robotic knee replacement surgery.

  • Precision:
    precision surgery is completed with the help of robotics, which means there is more accuracy in the area of the knee that needs the surgery. The surgery is precise and restricted as exact incisions and angles can be targeted. This helps in securing the adjacent tissues which need no repair. The functioning of the robotic is such that it reduces the chance of putting the patient at risk. But one should be clear that it is a robot-controlled and not robot-centred technique.
  • Exposure Control
    There is no need for a CT scan before undergoing a robotic knee surgery replacement surgery. A single CT scan is equivalent to the exposure of 48 chest X-rays received. It avoids CT scans using an advanced computer program to collect anatomic and alignment information about your knee.
    So a patient is saved from harmful radiations that otherwise may harm him in other forms. This feature distinguishes this surgery from others in the most beneficial way.
  • Speed Control
    One of the most important advantages of robotic knee replacement is speed control. The exposed burr speed is adjusted based on proximity to the target cut surface. Every patient is unique, and the speed is maintained according to the bearing capacity of the patient.
  • Advanced Instrumentation
    The surgery proceeds with the use of advanced instruments. It is designed to enforce bone resurfacing within the surgeon-defined plan. Instruments and the surgeon's plan go hand in hand. Another thing to remember is that the surgery is not dependent upon the instruments. They play a crucial role in the successful completion of the surgery.
  • Computer-Assisted
    It takes the help of a computer program to ensure consistent and accurate results. It leaves no chance of any error. Such programs specifically work to deliver the best result of the surgery.
  • Robotics Assisted Handpiece
    The handpiece is designed to enable access through smaller incisions. This is the masterstroke of this surgery as the surgeon uses the robotic handpiece for exact incision and implant and also to reach the remotest tissue or part of the knee.
  • Flexibility
    Another one of the knee replacement surgery benefits is flexibility. It offers multiple implant options and dynamic ligament balancing at multiple stages.
  • Confidence
    There is virtual confirmation of cuts pre and post-bone removal in achieving long leg alignment and joint balance for normal knee kinematics.
  • Surgeon Controlled yet not Surgeon Dependent
    The robotic replacement surgery is surgeon-controlled yet not surgeon-dependent. So it is safer and more scalable.
  • Clinically Proven
    This surgery produces clinically proven results that have been tested and verified before being brought into operation.

Contact Dr Nataraj H M, one of the Best Orthopedic Doctors, Knee & shoulder Specialists in Bangalore. Provide the best in the class facility to the patients and an experienced.

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